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Record Store

Record Store
Were you able to complete a music sheet? Have any extra notes you’ve been wanting to exchange for cards? This is the place! Record Store services players by turning any regular or special notes into cards of any type, as well as submitting any music sheets in order to earn prizes. If you're looking to exchange cards for other cards, however, you should head over to Rewrite!

Music Notes:
Music notes are the currency here at Tones. They can be used to be turned into cards of your choice! There are 4 different kinds of notes that, depending on which notes you use, will allow you to exchange for cards ranging in these hues or types:

♭warm note - red, orange, yellow
♭cool note - green, blue, purple
♭neutral note - gray, black
♭rainbow note - puzzle/special

Music Sheets:
♭ Music sheets are like redeeming points on a card you used to buy items, but these points ("notes") are earned through trading cards with other players. Trading member cards, as well as gifting other players, also count as ticks towards your music sheets! However, please do not go overboard marking down something like a 50+ card gift.
♭ One card traded or given away is one note filled on your music sheet. So if you trade away 1 special/puzzle card, it's still considered one trade (one note) even though the card has a worth of two.
♭ At Tones, you complete a music sheet every 20 trades you make. You can then turn them in here! Rewards for each completed music sheet will be 2 random cards and 1 random music note.
♭ You are free to mark them as you like or even leave them blank if you'd like - as long as you've completed the proper number of trades!
- If you want to just use one music sheet, you may post just one and note how many you are turning in (for example, sheet_chuu99.png x8) or post the same image however many times.

♭ Have your things ready? Fill out the form below and post a comment!
♭ When turning in music sheets, remember to display the image(s).
♭ When turning in music notes, please remember to spell out the card names without spaces, slashes, or capital letters (i.e. song01, song03, etc....NOT Song 01/03)

Please use the following format when turning in any music notes and music sheets, deleting any areas that aren't relevant to your comment:

Mod Use: record store randomizer

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♭Name: Tanna
♭Card Post: here!
♭Music Sheets: 2! (Total trades: 88)
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Record Store: hajimarinohi10, fukujun07, warmnote

Record Store: angelichowl01, sorairodays09, neutralnote

is that haru
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(yes it is)
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[personal profile] eonflamewing 2016-07-28 02:02 am (UTC)(link)