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Is there anything we at Tones can do to make the game an even more enjoyable experience for you? Leave your thoughts here! All suggestions are welcome, although there are no guarantees we can (or will) implement all of them. Also, please keep your comments and suggestions civil and refrain from negative remarks regarding staff members and other players.
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I would love to see more over-arching games - things like Colors' Pot of Gold or Acrostics. I'd also love to see something more over-arching for a service, like Colors' Portfolios, or even something similar to Credits' Singles tasks.

Somehow, I feel like without something "extra" to really punch up interaction between players, the TCG is kinda languishing in terms of trading, and after all that's what we're all here for. :3

Also, I know it may seem a little bothersome, but I feel like there should be a couple more games per week in general. Card income here seems a bit sparse, though a couple of the higher reward games/services mentioned above might help.

I read in the April post that you guys were looking to potentially hire some more mods; had that post been made and I missed it? Either way, I'd be happy to help with whatever's needed. I don't even want mod pay, I really just love how the cards look at this TCG and want to be more helpful in making it active. :)
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I really think the bargain bin limit should be upped to 10 (at the least)! The amount of cards is huge and the game is very slow-paced - it's difficult to get choice cards, and trading doesn't always come easy. Having so many cards just sitting there seems like a waste to me when there aren't as many active players as a huge TCG like Colors (which has so many cards it allows 20 a week). Upping the limit will speed up player activity, I think!
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Sorry for the delay!

Upping the claim limit is definitely doable; we've mostly been trying to be careful with how quickly we continued upping it since the TCG also don't have as many games/services sending cards into it, so we didn't want it to empty out too quickly. 10 shouldn't cause any harm, though, so that'll get implemented soon!
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No problem! It makes me really happy that you took my inquiry seriously, so thank you so much! I'll be looking forward to it :)