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Donate your decks here to help the TCG grow! This post is for regular and puzzle deck submissions. Special deck donations will be awarded as prizes for various things around the TCG; if you have the privilege of donating a special deck, please do so here!

The guidelines for donating decks can be found below. Be sure to read through everything, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here.

Having trouble locating creditless versions? Here are some (hopefully!) useful links to try:
♭ DDL → Eizou Tokuten
♭ Torrent → Creditless OP/ED Collection
♭ Torrent → Nyaa and Tokyotosho

Regular Decks
♭ OPs/EDs and insert songs of anime series and video games originating from Japan, as well as official anime music videos (such as Clamp in Wonderland) produced by companies in Japan can be used for decks. Vocaloid music videos are only acceptable if they're made by the companies. No fan-made productions, concerts, seiyuu events, or sequences from dubs or Western sources.
♭ Variants are welcome. For OPs/EDs with only small differences (not enough to justify a second deck), consider combining the variants into one deck or simply donating your favorite variant. Make sure to offer deckname suggestions.
♭ Provide a minimum of 40 images for opening sequences and 20 images for ending sequences. These images should be different and good-quality, containing scenery, characters, and anything else the sequence might contain. Please do not take frame-by-frame screenshots of the entire clip.
♭ Please make sure your images are in the correct aspect ratios. Newer OPs/EDs tend to be in 16:9 while older ones are in 4:3, but there may be exceptions. For example, compare this image from the original video to this one which has an incorrect aspect ratio.
♭ Please make sure your images are not mirrored. For example, compare this image from the original video to this one that is mirrored.
♭ Images should be unedited, unless you're resizing to correct aspect ratios or flipping mirrored images.
Deckmakers may ask you for more images if we are unable to locate the sequence ourselves.
♭ While it is understandable that not every sequence may have one, non-credit/creditless sequences are preferred when possible. Please make an effort to locate creditless OP/ED versions before using screencaps of a credits version! For newer series, try checking sites like CDJapan and Amazon Japan to see when/if a creditless version will be released.
♭ Decks will generally not be remade, unless we need to fix errors - if you donate a version with credits one month and the creditless version comes out the following month, you cannot resubmit that donation.

Puzzle Decks
♭ Covers of OSTs, drama CDs, and OP/ED singles of anime series and video games originating from Japan are accepted. No DVD/Blu-ray covers, fan-made art, or album/single covers from series of Western sources.
♭ OP/ED sequences which focus on one image, as well as sequences that may not have enough scenes to meet the minimum requirements for a regular deck, are also accepted as puzzle deck donations.
♭ For singles, please only submit covers that contain images relevant to the series (characters, scenes, locations, etc).
♭ Please provide one image that can be resized to 400x325 pixels. Make sure that your image is not ridiculously large to make things easier for the deckmakers - images should not be larger than 2MB.

Monthly Limits
♭ Each player may donate a maximum of three decks per month. This can be 3 regular decks, 3 puzzle decks, or any combination of the two.
♭ Monthly limits will be reset the 1st of every month, although this may be adjusted as time goes on. Please do not donate decks for a new month until after after a mod has posted a comment saying the limits have been reset.
♭ When the new month comment goes up, you may comment to it with deck claims for the month. You can claim up to the maximum number of donations (3), and you can only claim decks for that month.
♭ Rewards for donating a regular deck will be 3 random cards and 1 random music note.
♭ Rewards for donating a puzzle deck will be 2 random cards and 1 random music note.

♭ Please label your comment subjects with [Regular] Series Name - Sequence or [Puzzle] Series Name - Sequence.
♭ Please only donate one deck per comment.
♭ Use the following form when submitting your donations:

Mod Use: deck donation rewards randomizer

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[Puzzle] - Uta no Prince-sama - HORIZON

[personal profile] scblakdrgon 2015-10-07 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
♭Player Name: Adelicya (Credit Eon)
♭# of Donation:
♭Deck Type: Puzzle
♭Series: Uta no Prince-sama
♭Sequence: Insert
♭Deckname Suggestions: deckname should be fine!
♭Other Suggestions: Could we have a #E61A2B border? It's the character's theme colour.
♭Link to Donation: right here!
mori: (Default)

Re: [Puzzle] - Uta no Prince-sama - HORIZON

[personal profile] mori 2015-12-21 01:00 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you for your donation! Your deck can be seen here.

Auditions - Puzzle Deck Donation: alive11, cagayakegirls16, coolnote
Edited 2015-12-21 01:01 (UTC)