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Hibiki's Idol Hunt 04

Last Week's answer was Minami Kotori from Love Live, she is voiced by Uchida Aya

Hibiki is scoping out Idols for an up-and-coming competition! But Hibiki tends to bring animals with her, and ends up scaring idols away. She really liked the voice of one of the idols she saw, but didn't get a chance to introduce herself! Can you help her out?

"I could hear this guy from across the room! He sure is loud! He seemed to be arguing with some of his band-mates, talking about... cattle?
....are those animal ears on top of his head?!"

Please tell me the Character Name, the Series they are from, and the Japanese Seiyuu that represents them!
If you can, Hibiki will bring you 3 Cards!

This round will close next Saturday, October 3rd! - This round is now closed
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Crow, Show by Rock, voiced by Taniyama Kishou