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Painting with Beryl 15

Beryl has been commissioned to paint art for an album cover! She's just finished it bu- W-WHAT? SOMEONE HAS VANDALIZED THE PICTURE! That is so not cool! We're going to have to find out who did it and kick their butts, but first we better save that picture!

Last week's answers were Saki's socks, Saki's tie, and three of the mahjong tiles!

There are 5 (sets of) changes to the picture below, and you get 1 card for finding each one for a total of 5 cards! Changes will be fairly significant. You may submit your answer by either marking the changes on the image itself, or listing the changes out in text!

This round will end on Tuesday, October 13th!
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1 Eri's eyes are green instead of blue
2 The strap on Eri's bikini is blue instead of purple
3 The flower's in Nico's hair are pink instead of white
4 The triangle on Nico's bikini is silver instead of gold
5 The stripes on Maki's bikini is red instead of black